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Zarrbuilt Konstruction History

Since the company entered into globalization, many things have been gradually changing towards development, where it seems industrialized countries are depending on the technologies introduced by innovation. & that is how it should be — to take hold of that so-called “technical know-how.” For not so many years, experience has been molding one’s idea, painstakingly acquiring knowledge from the line of Architecture & Engineering for Construction Industries. & after having the familiarity of the business, Zarrbuilt Konstruction was formed.

Zarrbuilt Konstruction was formed to do not only architectural, structural/ civil, interior/ exterior finishing works & other related works, but to engage in specialty jobs such as electro-mechanical & other system engineering works as well.

This was formally founded in October 2001. The group was doing designs & rendering engineering & construction services headed by Mr. Lazaro dela Cruz, BSCE, a technically oriented person formerly working in a design & construction firm & being backed up by company’s Associates, Consultants, Designers, & Engineers. With Anchor Steel Corp as partner for Steel Fabrication & Erection to include Local Land Foreign Financial & Technical partners, this partnership has even more solidified the competence of the ventures with its financial & technical strength, & utilizing innovative technologies from Japan, Australia, & USA, furthermore prolific & more competitive.

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